A study in 13 countries has looked at GPs’ prescribing habits

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canada goose uk shop “We’re not using clay pots anymore. We use a stove just like you. We’re still here,” Washington says. And there’s a risk that with goose outlet canada some diseases we could be thrust back to a pre antibiotic era.A study in 13 countries has looked at GPs’ prescribing habits when they think somebody might have pneumonia. canada goose outlet black friday They come in with cough, fever, runny nose, canada goose outlet uk producing sputum. Now just like sore throats, pneumonia can be canada goose black friday sale caused by a virus, and therefore isn’t helped by an antibiotic.So there’s controversy about what to do and whether the drugs work when somebody comes in with what’s called an acute cough.The results showed that the habits of General Practitioners’ prescribing antibiotics varied widely, but they tended to give the drugs to people who they perceived were at risk, for example who were older, or sicker and had been smokers.The bottom line was that it was hard to see much of a benefit from antibiotics canada goose outlet online uk in general, apart maybe from buy cheap viagra online in australia. a slightly earlier recovery.Note: This is the transcript of the video version of this story and may canada goose outlet shop differ slightly from the original audio version as broadcast on NewsRadio. canada goose uk shop

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