Another property at 17 Blaxland St is also under contract

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Replica Designer Handbags The tiny house was hotly contested eventually landing $715,000.Place Paddington agent Simon Wheelans said they had three offers in less than a week and the quick sale was typical for the Milton area.(original cottages) are becoming few and far between, he said.Property data shows that the designer replica luggage vendors bought the house, which sits on a 405sq m lot, for $412,000 in 2003.For 5sqm, you could buy a 2018 Holden Colorado with $10 in change.But we all know that land, not Replica hermes a house, is where cheap designer bags replica the value lies, and the Milton high quality designer replica cottage sits on 405sq m lot that practically acreage near the CBD.Based on land size, the vendor got a relative bargain, picking it up for $1765 per square metre.He said they were drawn to the house due to its proximity to the city. It is within walking distance of Suncorp Stadium, Milton replica bags china Station, the Given Terrace cafe precinct, Caxton Street, Park Road and the CBD.The house itself has two bedrooms and one bathroom.Another property at 17 Blaxland St is also under contract.The ol’ Hills Hoist is a feature in the backyardSource:SuppliedRay White agent Nicholas Hall said that property a three bedroom, two storey renovator in superb location was sold under the hammer, with six registered bidders vying for the property.It sold to a builder for $780,000. The house has about 95sq m of living best replica designer bags space but sits on a 455sq m block.4064 postcode is so very close to everything, Mr Halls also on a nice wide street and people liked that so it had all of the hallmarks of a property that could be renovated in to a high end home Replica Designer Handbags.