As for Saskia: sure, why not? Mardu stax is a pretty common

Unfortunately, his memories had already been sold off, so he ended up with a head full of patched together memories of other people lives: he now had gone to an all women college, and had overlapping years Canada Goose Outlet of military service, etc. None of it made any sense, but he had a life now. It closes, but usually only the first click.

Canada Goose Jackets Maybe not all at once but over time. If you don want to devote that much money into a single strategy, consider buying towards universal staple cards like fetchlands, shocks, Coalition Relic or Oracle of Mul Daya.For example Derevi is great for resource denial because she lets you evade the canada goose factory outlet negative effects of cards like [[Winter Orb]], so nobody gets to untap except you. If you’re trying to avoid, say, death by infinite tokens, then you might have different needs.As for Saskia: sure, why not? Mardu stax is a pretty common build. Canada Goose Jackets

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