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We’ll be back again, probably when the weather is cooler. Don’t tell Mrs Yowie, but I might even bring that white linen table cloth for a celebratory lunch at the top. There’ll be no bottle of champagne though, for the trek back down the hill is steep and slippery and you wouldn’t want to stumble..

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I do some yoga. I used to have a trainer coming in three times a week but I keep changing them too. The truth is, I love doing yoga with Navkirat, my best friend of 20 years.

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Canada is planning to propose a regulatory approach that would require a symbol on the front of packaged foods that are high in sodium, sugars and/or saturated fat, the report said. Addition, it may encourage manufacturers of foods in some of the categories to reformulate their products to contain less sodium and, thus, avoid the requirement to display the symbol. Organization representing the country food industry said that based on the Health Canada report, it recognizes is still room for improvement in cutting sodium in products..

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