Don’t forget the use of bamboo

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cheap moncler sale By MALCOLM RITTER, JIM HEINTZ and CHRISTOPHER CHESTERAssociated PressSTOCKHOLM (AP) Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for using a sped up version of evolution to create new proteins that have led to a best selling drug and other products.The Royal Swedish Academy of Science said their work has led to the development of medications, biofuels and a reduced environmental impact from some industrial processes.Frances Arnold of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena was awarded half of the 9 million kronor ($1.01 million) prize, while the other half was shared by George Smith of the University of Missouri and Gregory Winter of the MRC molecular biology lab in Cambridge, England.Arnold is only the fifth woman to win moncler coats for cheap a chemistry Nobel since the prizes began in 1901.The winners “have taken control of evolution and used it for purposes that bring the greatest benefit to humankind,” the Nobel committee said.In nature, evolution proceeds slowly as random genetic mutations generate variety in organisms and proteins, and those versions that work best in their environment persist for future generations. The research honored Wednesday mimicked that process by inducing mutations in proteins and selecting those that best met the goals of the research.Smith, 77, and Winter, 67, worked with viruses called phages that infect bacteria. Smith showed in 1985 that inserting DNA into these viruses would make them display proteins linked to that DNA on their surfaces cheap moncler sale.