especially since a lot of lists from boxing journalists put him

tourists flee yosemite national park as firefighters battle massive wildfire nearby

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moncler outlet usa Serious right now? You using this as a basis of P4P? AJ beat him with strength? The fuck, dude? AJ had a tough fight against a 41 year old boxer past his prime. A guy who hadn fought in about 15 or so months since his last fight, where he was thoroughly out boxed and beaten, by Tyson Fury.Who has Spence and GGG beat to give em those spots?That moncler jackets outlet ironic, considering you using P4P lists from boxing journalists.Golovkin is ranked for his string of dominate middleweight victories/KOs/beating Jacobs/controversial but close fights against another P4P fighter in Canelo.Spence is rated for moncler outlet his dominance at welterweight, including one a great beat down against a fighter like Brook, coupled with other names like Lamont Peterson. Plus, he looks the goods and passes everyone eye test.especially since a lot of lists from boxing journalists put him there, unless I’m missin something and you work for ESPN?Most of these “boxing journalists” have never boxed a day in their life, are not dedicated to boxing, and are biased in regards to who they work for (if that isn obvious). moncler outlet usa

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People who buy into the 2X thing are going to get fleeced, just like the people who bought into the BCH thing. People out there think they missed the boat with bitcoin, and they chasing, trying not to make that mistake again. Scam artist know this, and they milking it.

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