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moncler outlet store Also the 4 points in Toughness make them bulky enough to not be wounded so easily by light weapons. When they reach melee, even the normal boyz shine and are a threat.I found the moral part to be a big problem in my first matches, but if you group up your kill team in 3 4 model groups and use a coms, its way less threatening. Also the fleshwound stratagem did a lot of lifting for my boss nob and kommando nob.”Kill Team is meant for low intensity, nobs would be out of place! By the way purchase this box of t4 w2 3 sv Primaris Rievers and make a whole kill team out of them!” Gee Dubs>> Im probably just going to homebrew points for them in line with similar models / equipment to play with my buddies.Don forget power stabbas! And armorCraftworld Eldar are also feeling it, their primary choice for kill team is “Emergency militia only called upon in times of total war with titans and stuff” with no option for “elite specialized squads sent in for surgical strikes” aspect warriors outside of “deployed en mass to hold the line against hordes of cheap moncler coats mens foes in massive wars” Avengers.. moncler outlet store

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