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Two men from the 8th Punjab Regiment received the Victoria Cross: By the end of the war, the Regiment consisted of 14 Battalions. The King’sLiverpool had six territorial battalions within the city, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. The 6th catered for the middle class, 5th, 7th and 9th for the respectable working class, while 8th Irish and 10th Scottish recruited men with links to the respected country. The battalion was formed on 30th April when due to the Boer War, it became clear there was a need for men to volunteer their service.

It was raised from the higher educated and professional young Scotsmen of city of Liverpool and named the 8th Scottish Volunteer Battalion, The King’s Liverpool Regiment. The first Commanding Officer was Colonel C. Woven cloth shield in Blue Red and Gold. An offshoot of this club formed the Kiel Football club the Kieler Sportvereinigung Holstein von e. V, fence by august wilson symbolism essay after WW1, and they continued to play successfully right until essay check free end of WW2.

This badge came as a WW2 souvenir from a British Serviceman of WW2, who fought in Germany untiland then transferred to the Military Police to continue to serve during the occupation till He was stationed in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It was worn in conjunction with the Nazi Sports badge, which is also for sale in our gallery A ‘s Essex Regt.

Thus, beforeSS officers often chose this all steel and black P-Hilt sabre as it’s black and steel configuration was ideal for their service uniform.

We show a photograph circa with one officer on the left carrying the degan, and the two others with the steel and black P-Hilt. Generally it was known as the cavalry sabre due to it’s regular cavalry pattern form and used by the German cavalry regiments on horseback. Due to the early uniform of the SS being black and silver the choice remained limited, generally, to the descriptive essay topics for bank po of military swords available that utilized these colours.

The predominant colour normally used, and chosen by the regular Army officers, was brass [or gold] with black. The private purchase swords, generally chosen by those serving in the SS, were this sword or the Prinz Eugen. Very nice clear focusing optics, a little dusty inside, with original neck strap, Carl Zeiss Jena maker marking. Made for the London market in the ‘s but used by a German officer in WW2. Possibly as a private purchase piece on a visit to London before the war, or by a German university student in London who later became an officer of the Reich.

The firm of Carl Zeiss was founded in Jena in and grew to be the fence by august wilson symbolism essay dominant optical and fine mechanical firm in the world at the beginning of the twentieth century through Lahti L is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Aimo Lahti that was produced from to just after the war.

About pistols were made in four production series. The weapon had a bolt accelerator to improve reliability in cold conditions or business plan pizzeria ristorante fouled.

This kind of system was rare for pistols. It also resembled the German Luger P08 pistol. Finnish military designation 9. It was reliable, accurate and sturdy pistol, but also one of the largest and heaviest 9-mm military pistols ever manufactured.

Structure of the this strong looking pistol had its week point: Powerful submachinegun-ammunition often used by Finnish troops with these pistols could crack the pistols slide dissertation at ncl pune easily. As all 9 mm x 19 ammunition manufactured during World War 2 in Finland was hot loaded submachinegun-ammunition using this ammunition also pistols of same calibre unfortunately wasn’t exactly unusual during World War 2 and years after it.

When the slides of L broke down in larger numbers Finnish military soon found itself needing replacements for them. Because of this fences by august wilson symbolism essay series of replacement slides were manufactured for Finnish military after World War 2. Most of these pistols all but series 4 have shoulder stock attachment lugs. While the Finns developed and tested wooden shoulder stocks and wooden shoulder Essay topics for students holsters for these pistols, these were never manufactured in real numbers and the pistols were issued without them.

One way to distinguish between the regiments of Foot Guards is the spacing of buttons on the tunic. The Welsh Guards have buttons arranged in groups of five. Its first battle was some months after its initial arrival, at Loos on September 27, The regiment was increased to three Battalions during the Second World War. The 2nd Battalion fought in Boulogne in whilst the 1st fought in Belgium as part of the British Expeditionary Force. Christopher Furness who was killed in the action. The Welsh Guards were subsequently part of the legendary Evacuation of Dunkirk that saw overBritish and French troops return to the UK against all odds.

Welsh Guards in action near Cagny 19 July While they battled on in those theatres the 1st and 2nd joined the Guards Armoured Division, with the 1st Battalion being infantry and the 2nd armoured. The two battalions worked closely, being the first troops to re-enter Brussels on September 3, after an advance of miles in one day in what was described as ‘an armoured lash unequalled for speed in this or any other war’.

A Beautiful Graf Zeppelin Frame with Original Olympics Photo Card A beautiful easel mounted picture frame in florid relief patterned britannia metal, with a portrait bust in relief of Graf Zeppelin. It displays a Berlin stamped photo card of the Olympice rings in Berlin in A fantastic piece of ‘s German Olympic memorablia.

It was first created in in both countries and consists of a square-cross medal on two crossed swords, hanging from a ribbon with various degree pins. The croix de guerre was also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied France and Belgium. The croix de guerre may either be bestowed as a unit award or to individuals who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism involving combat with enemy forces.

The medal is also awarded to those who have been “mentioned in despatches”, meaning a heroic deed was performed meriting a citation from an individual’s headquarters unit.

The unit award of the croix de guerre was issued to military commands who performed heroic deeds in combat and were subsequently recognized by headquarters. A good size serving trasy or dish 30cm across. Made in hand beaten German hallmarked silver grade in the form of scalloped shell. Made to celebrate the record braking summer Olympic Games season of the Zeppelin Hindenburg in D-LZ was a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the lead ship of the Hindenburg class, the longest class of fence by august wilson symbolism essay machine and the largest airship by envelope volume.

Designed and built by the Zeppelin Company Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH on the shores of the Bodensee Lake Constance in Friedrichshafen, the airship flew from March until destroyed by fire 14 months later on May 6,at the end of the first North American transatlantic journey of its second season of service. The Hindenburg made 17 round trips across the Atlantic Ocean inits first and only full year of service, with ten trips to the United States and seven to Brazil.

In Julythe airship also completed a record Atlantic double crossing in five days, 19 hours and 51 minutes. Among the famous passengers who travelled on the airship was German heavyweight boxing champion Max Schmeling, who returned home on the Hindenburg to a hero’s welcome after fence by august wilson symbolism essay out Joe Louis in New York on June 19, During the season the airship flewmileskmcarried 2, passengers, and transported tons of fence by august wilson symbolism essay and mail, a level of success that encouraged the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Company to plan the expansion of its airship fleet and transatlantic services.

The airship was reportedly so stable that a pen or pencil could be stood on a table without falling. Its launches were so smooth that passengers often missed them, believing that the airship was still docked to mooring mast. Hindenburg passengers were generally affluent, including many public figures, entertainers, noted sportsmen, political figures, and leaders of industry.

The Hindenburg was used again for propaganda purposes when it flew over the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on August 1 during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games. Shortly before the arrival of Adolf Hitler to declare the Games open, the airship crossed low over the packed stadium while trailing the Olympic flag on a long weighted line suspended from its gondola.

Olympiafahrt Berlin flown Hindenburg cover. Weight approx 22 oz Troy. Bearing a fence by august wilson symbolism essay microfinance in pakistan thesis it the handle. Silver plated over brass. A most attractive piece of gentlemans deskware. ERII replacement issue in superb condition court mounted. South Arabia; This campaign is related to the Radfan Campaign, because both were Egyptian-inspired attempts to end the British presence in Aden and end the embryonic Federation of South Arabia.

This 3 year long campaign saw numerous fence by august wilson symbolism essay attacks on both civilian and military targets. In both Rafan and Aden, the British Army suffered 90 personnel killed and wounded. The qualifying period was 30 days service in the Federation of South Arabia between 1 August and 30 November A fascinating collection outlining a WW1 German soldier’s military career.

He was a trench warfare Mortar Grenade operator [the Granatenwerfer 16]. See photo in the gallery [for information only]. It would make a charming and fascinating gift as it is researchable to see where this soldier served, on which front and where his unit fought and when. Next to the Victoria Cross, it is the most famous medal in the world.

The Iron Cross was awarded for bravery in battle as well as other conspicuos military contributions in a battlefield environment.

The Iron Cross 2nd Class came with a ribbon and was worn in one of two different methods: When in fence by august wilson symbolism essay dress, the entire cross was worn mounted alone or as part of a fence by august wilson symbolism essay bar. For everyday wear, only the ribbon was worn from the second hole in the tunic button.

It was designed by the neoclassical architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and reflects the cross borne by the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century. The ribbon for theand literature review of lead acid battery Cross 2nd Class was black with two thin white bands, the colours of Prussia. The non-combatant version of this award had the same medal, but the fence by august wilson symbolism essay and white colours on the ribbon were reversed.

Initially the Iron Cross was worn with the side out. This did not change until when the sprig facing could be presented. Since the Iron Cross was issued fence by august wilson symbolism essay several different periods of German history, it was annotated with the year indicating the era in which it was issued.

The reverse of theand series of Iron Crosses have the year “” appearing on the lower arm, symbolizing the year the award was created. The final version shows a swastika. It was also possible for a holder of the Iron Cross to be awarded a second or higher grade of the Iron Cross. In such cases, a ” Clasp” Spange would be worn on the original Iron Cross. A similar award was made in but was quite rare, since there were few in service who held the Iron Cross.

For the First Class award the Spange appears as an eagle with the date “” that was pinned above the Cross. Although two separate awards, in some cases the holders soldered them together.

Early WW2 Having traded in the same location for 60 years or so our company has met some many hundreds of thousands of most remarkable people, and heard too many fantastic stories [or tales] to remember. Every week something new is learnt, or someone new is met. This week an aged lady, with a most fascinating story, let us acquire this most intriguing piece. Not valuable, or even that impressive in fact, but it’s position in the development of modern edged weaponry is quite fascinating.

This is or was a prototype close combat dagger came to us from the niece of a one time cutler and assistant knife designer [trained by the veteran Wilkinson swordsmith Tom Beesley] who was briefly working with Capt.

Angie Dickinson

Fairbairn [via Wilkinson Sword Co. The handle from this dagger was created and based from small cast brass Wilkinson court sword parts, with a square block and oval fence by august wilson symbolism essay. The blade, formed to create a strong, rigid short double edged blade, that has good stout piercing properties came from a long Wilkinson sword blade. No edge was ever put on this blade, but one can easily see how the FS knife may have evolved from this early war period prototype design.

We are only distressed that we have no design schematics and paperwork, that were we were told fence by august wilson symbolism essay once in existence, to show how the knife was eventually designed. Sadly and woe alas all the paperwork was discarded some two decades after the war as seemingly insignificant. it is certainly possible he ought not to have done so.

Launched in used in WW2 as a Troopship, then restored to service as the worlds greatest luxury cruise ship after the war. Consistent with Nazi ideology, the airship was expected to be more than just a private commercial venture; it was to be a public symbol of the new German nation. Also in the South American route was extended to Rio de Janeiro. Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei ceased operations as the commercial use of airships came to an abrupt end on 6 Maywhen the ‘Hindenburg’ exploded at Lakehurst.

This large silver tray is made of German silver plate, 90 grade, and was the product of the same silver company that made the the Third Reich military cutlery and other silver objects for the Third Reich hierarchy – Gbr. His company alongside his rival, Wellner, was a maker of much buy a research proposal Reich chancellery dinnerware pieces.

Many items by were used in several of Hitler’s residences, the Hotel [Der Deutscher Hof] personally used by Hitler, and numerous state offices. After the German invasion of Poland inthe Luftwaffe ordered the last two Zeppelin airships moved to a large Zeppelin hangar in Frankfurt.

In March ofGoring ordered their destruction and the aluminum fed into the Nazi war industry. In May, a fire broke out in the Zeppelin facility which destroyed most of the remaining parts. how does the thesis statement aid the writer rest of the parts and materials were soon scrapped with almost no trace of the German “Giants of the Air” remaining by the end of the year.

A great and impressive steel bowl guard cavalry sword, used by one of the great WW1 ‘pals’ regiments of academic copy editing Yorkshire, and part of this fence by august wilson symbolism essay regiment served in one of the most famous fences by august wilson symbolism essay of the Great War, in Arabia, under the direct command of T.

Sword marked East Riding Regt. The story of the Lawrence connection is as follows; In the Regiment was part of the Western Frontier Force, a fairly uninteresting postingcausing NCOs and men to fence by august wilson symbolism essay the newly formed Imperial Camel Corps and officers and men to custom writing essay detached for service under T. The regiment was formed as volunteer cavalry in during the French Revolutionary Wars.

On May 20, the Regiment formed part of a parade of some 40, men before H. The King and Lord Kitchener. In October they set sail for Alexandria.

Watchman Willie Martin Archive

The Regiment first saw action during the First Battle of Gaza, a hard engagement for both the men and the horses, and in the Second Gaza Battle it was posted to the far right flank. A Squadron led 22nd Mounted Brigade, having captured their objective they ubc dissertation defense they were unsupported by the rest of the Brigade.

Sadly it transpired that the village was the location of a Turkish Corps Headquarters, and had the success of the attack been exploited then a major dislocation of the enemy fences by august wilson symbolism essay could have resulted. El Mughar was the last great cavalry charge of the British Army. In Decemberwith the exception of the machine gun section the Regiment was dismounted and sent to France. The Battalion saw action several times in the closing months of the war in the area around Cambrai supporting attacks by the 49th West Riding Division, 51st Highland Division and 56th London Infantry Divisions.

Inanother reorganisation resulted in further change, the Regiment was reconstituted as The East Riding Yeomanry a Divisional Cavalry Regiment Mechanised equipped with 28 light tanks, 44 carriers and 41 motorcycles, and in a duplicate 2nd line regiment was raised. The regiment’s World War II story. The remnants of 1 ERY 7 officers and men returned to Tidworth, where the Regiment was brought up to strength by drafts from the 2nd Regiment, prior to moving onto Bovington to rejoin 1st Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade.

They next deployed to Essex for anti-invasion duties, where it was equipped with Beavettes. The training all came to fruition on June 6,fence by august wilson symbolism essay the Regiment landed on D Day supporting 9th Infantry Brigade in 3rd Division, and for the following fifty days they took part in the bridgehead battles. During this period they also supported 59th Staffordshire Infantry Division. In October, the Regiment supported 53rd Welsh Division, in Holland fighting around ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the later crossing of the Maas.

However, during the winter ofit was hurried away to reinforce the pressure being put on the German “Bulge”, and then in January returned to 79th Armoured Division, and re-equipped with Buffalo, to carry the troops of 15th Scottish Division, on the assault crossing of the Rhine March For the fence by august wilson symbolism essay weeks of the war, the Regiment reconverted to Shermans, coming under the command of the Canadian Army fence by august wilson symbolism essay Holland.

This is a troopers battle sword in every sense of the word, and with it’s regimental markings it comes with it’s own built-in provenence. It also has various ordnance inspection and issue marks and has obvious signs chicken pox research paper fence by august wilson symbolism essay use, but the blade is superb.

This is truly a iconic example of a Great British Army cavalry trooper’s sword, from of one of the fence by august wilson symbolism essay North of England fence by august wilson symbolism essay regiments. Like so many other British Army regiments, a regiment that goes down in the annals of military history as deserving the greatest honour and respect, a force of men bathed in stories of nobility, heroism, glory, valour and self sacrifice.

A Fabulous Original Movie Poster. The pilot who rescued Nobile also crashed when returning to rescue more survivors and had to be rescued himself. O’Brien as Radio Operator uncredited. From a superb collection of German ordnance that has just arrived. This is our fence by august wilson symbolism essay Nebelwerfer Rocket from this collection.

Nicknamed by the allies the ‘Moaning Mini’ due to it’s unearthly scream as it flew. An original unfired example, and a simply remarkable fence by august wilson symbolism essay of fence by august wilson symbolism essay, from the early German Third Reich’s rocket fence by august wilson symbolism essay, and part of a superb Third Reich fence by august wilson symbolism essay we have been thrilled to acquire.

Beautifully waffen amt marked and with original paint decoration. They fence by august wilson symbolism essay initially developed by and assigned to the les sujets de dissertation litteraire so-called “chemical troops” Nebeltruppen.

This weapon was given its name as a disinformation strategy designed to lead spies into thinking that it was merely a device for creating a smoke screen.

They were primarily intended to deliver poison gas and smoke shells, although a high-explosive shell was developed for the Nebelwerfers from the beginning. Initially, two different mortars were fielded before they were replaced by a variety of rocket launchers ranging in size from 15 to 32 centimetres 5.

The thin walls of the rockets had the great advantage of allowing much larger quantities of gases, fluids or high-explosives to be delivered than artillery or even mortar shells of the same weight.

A version of the 21 cm calibre system was even adapted for air-to-air use against Allied bombers. The name was also used to fool observers from the League of Nations, who were observing any possible infraction of the Treaty of Versailles, from discovering that the weapon could be used for explosive and fence by august wilson symbolism essay chemical payloads as well as the smoke rounds that the name Nebelwerfer suggested.

Rocket development had begun during the s and reached fruition in the late thirties. This offered the opportunity for the Nebeltruppen to deliver large quantities of poison gas or smoke simultaneously.

The first weapon to be delivered to the troops was the 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 inafter the Battle of France, a purpose-designed rocket with gas, smoke and high-explosive warheads. It, like virtually all German rocket designs, was spin-stabilized to increase accuracy. One very unusual feature was that the rocket motor was in the front, the exhaust venturi being about two-thirds down the body from the nose, with the intent to optimize the blast effect of the rocket as the warhead would still be above the ground when it detonated.

This is illustrated again in Orthodoxy: Wells says as he did somewhere’All chairs are quite different’, he utters not merely a misstatement, but a contradiction in terms.

If all chairs were quite different, you could not fence by august wilson symbolism essay them ‘all chairs’. The wild worship of lawlessness and the materialist worship of law end in the same void.

Nietzsche scales staggering mountains, but he turns up ultimately in Tibet. He sits down beside Tolstoy in the land of nothing and Nirvana.

They are both helpless — one because he must not grasp anything, and the other because he must not let go of anything. The Tolstoyan’s will is frozen by a Buddhist instinct that heart of darkness ap essay question special actions are evil.

But the Nietzscheite’s will is quite equally frozen by his fence by august wilson symbolism essay that all special actions are good; for if all special actions are good, none of them are special. They stand at the crossroads, and one hates all the roads and the other likes all the roads. The result is — well, some things are not hard to calculate. They stand at the cross-roads. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.

Chesterton himself wrote clerihews and illustrated his friend’s first Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. published collection of poetry, Biography for Beginnerswhich popularised the clerihew form. Charges of anti-Semitism[ edit ] Chesterton faced accusations of anti-Semitism during his lifetime, as well as posthumously.

Some of the key players were Jewish. The most virulent attacks in the Marconi affair were launched by Hilaire Belloc and the brothers Cecil and G.

Rosalind Hadden: Sketching!

Chesterton, whose hostility to Jews was linked to their opposition to liberalism, their backward-looking Catholicism, and their fence by august wilson symbolism essay for a medieval Catholic Europe that they imagined was ordered, harmonious, and homogeneous.

Stitt’s uncompromising style has been variously described as “. Richard says of the new work: The paintings I am making at the moment explore the interrelationships with overlapping flat shapes and in turn those relationships with the edge of the picture plane. The oil paint is applied quite flatly on to gessoed linen canvas. April Gorman was educated in Ireland but has lived and worked in Milan since the s. During that fence by august wilson symbolism essay, having abandoned the residual figuration of his earliest work, Gorman’s paintings were animated by the frantic surface pace of an anxious line which skittered over or ploughed through impacting plates of muted colour.

Throughout the 90s, however, the role of line drawing receded and his naturally understated university essay writing service as a colourist became even more evident.

Since then his work has drawn much of its power from the compositional tension between increasingly prominent and boldly simplified, irregular blocks of colour. Gorman has exhibited widely and regularly since the mids, especially in Dublin, London, Milan and Tokyo. Frequent and extended visits to Japan have notably influenced his working methods and materials, most memorably in a series of highly successful large-scale works executed on handmade washi paper which he produced in western Japan in The project aimed to create a lens through which power and powerlessness were identified, gender examined and issues about women in contemporary Irish society could be discussed.

These important artists have something very important to reveal to us in the visual arts sector, as they comment on the status not only of fences by august wilson symbolism essay who are female but also on gender, race, nationality and religion in contemporary society.

The exhibition forms part of a wider programme of discussions and workshops around female representation in the arts and activism in general. Discussion is open to students and members of the public.

Opening night of Exhibition of New Work, Millennium Court Arts Centre 2 October – Activist workshop — University of Ulster, Belfast The Guerrilla Girls will conduct a workshop where they will assist participants to produce their own activism projects on issues that are important to them. Open to fences by august wilson symbolism essay and members of the public. They wear gorilla masks in public, to conceal their identities, and place the focus on issues rather than personalities, and work collectively and anonymously, to produce Essay on the wildest dream that came true films, billboards, public actions, books and other projects.

This vibrant digital playground forms the basis of the exhibition, which engages and challenges the audience’s perception of what digital art might be. Lambe fences by august wilson symbolism essay inspiration from a convergence of contrasting sources. Their fence by august wilson symbolism essay of form recalls stones that have been polished by the movement of water and sand. They describe relationships between land and sea: Others reference the microscopic, the skeletal remains of tiny sea creatures.

Some are displayed in multiples, suspended in undulating shoals or appearing to slip down the surface of the wall. Larger pieces rock on rounded bases, their surfaces pierced with a patterning that recalls both charts and constellations.

The work has a depth and integrity that goes beyond its biomorphic grace: They describe the way that we navigate the worlds below and fence by august wilson symbolism essay the surface of the water. Holes punctuate the surface and link interior to exterior. Lambe is an award-winning fence by august wilson symbolism essay whose work has been exhibited both internationally and extensively throughout Ireland.

When this network is used where nodes represent people and edges connect people Case study pediatric sepsis know each other this captures the small world phenomenon of strangers being linked by a mutual acquaintance.

McKeown describes the process as an extension of her previous work as well as a new departure. With this residency I wanted to focus on new research. While still relating to place and in some ways memory, I have concentrated more on the transient passing of time and interconnectedness of people.

A Sense of Place: The work ranges from painting, fence by august wilson symbolism essay and photography to video and digital installation. Retrospective, 1 Apr — 30 May MCAC is thrilled to host a contextual retrospective exhibition for the internationally Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. known fences by august wilson symbolism essay the Guerrilla Girls. The Guerrilla Girls Research and New Work fence by august wilson symbolism essay is a collaboration between leading visual arts organisations and in partnership with many others.

The overall project aims to be a lens through which power and powerlessness is identified, gender examined and issues about women in contemporary society are discussed. These seminal artists have something very important to teach all of us in the visual arts sector, as they comment on the status not only of artists who are fence by august wilson symbolism essay but also on fence by august wilson symbolism essay, race, nationality and religion in contemporary society.

These furnish different and mutually antagonistic fence by august wilson symbolism essay of telling the story of Ireland: What would happen to energy demand if we separated need from greed, and heavily taxed the latter? What of a massive shift to ecological fence by august wilson symbolism essay and retro-fitting given that buildings use a third of our energy, usually wastefully – see www.

What of taxing aviation fuel, and socially stigmatising fast cars? Non-nuclear alternatives require a patchwork of solutions.

No insurer will carry such a risk. If so, let us hope it is but a business plan d’un cinema until dirty atomic fission is replaced by relatively clean atomic fusion.

But ever since I was a fence by august wilson symbolism essay, fusion has been a technical challenge kicked “thirty years away” into the long grass. If society does go back down the nuclear road, let it be on a basis of using up existing military nuclear material rather than mining yet more. According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, there are currently some 4, tons of plutonium or highly enriched uranium spread across 60 countries of the world. They say its main value is political.

But such, surely, is only the game of politicians whose wisdom is dwarfed by their egos. This country does need a debate and decisions about future energy security.

As a nation faced with the threat of asymmetric warfare, we must reclaim the moral highground. To replace Trident would only be to glorify terror. Once more today our braggarts crousely craw over the grave they would dig for multiculturalism How London bombs have left One Scotland divided, August 6.

The same people who have caricatured racial, gender and class justice as weasel-sounding “political correctness” now relish the prospect that multiculturalism may fail. My God, you can palpably feel their lavatory-pan-like gloating grins flush to a choir of hissing cisterns: What is her history?

Are we ready and willing to put our noses out of joint to see that these, our dear and diverse neighbours, feel safe, equal and valued in “One Scotland; many cultures”? I do hope so, because a racist New york master thesis identity would be a fascist one. And in a Scotland that constitutionally rests upon the Declaration that affirms “neither weighting nor distinction” of religion or ethnicity under the Community of the Realm, such fascism would betray the most sacred meaning of being Scottish.

Published as the featured letter in The Herald, 14 Julyp. Why do young Muslims bomb in the name of God when, as community leaders such as Dr Bashir Maan of Glasgow mosque have so often said, the killing of innocents is utterly unIslamic? They do it for the same reason that Irish bombers and British colonialists perverted their Christianity. They do it because violence is actually a mental illness. It arises in minds that have been wounded in their capacity to build and essay for me human empathy.

Thus the spiral of violence feeds on more violence. Love lies shredded on the street. True security can be achieved only by a massive shift away from the politics of ego, greed and violence such as caused Britain illegally to invade Iraq and which hangs around our fences by august wilson symbolism essay as the fence by august wilson symbolism essay of being the second largest exporter of armaments in the world. The alternative is to build a world free of usurious debt, a world in which geopolitical injustices such as Palestine are addressed, and where “free” trade is held in a “fair” framework of social justice and environmental sustainability.

That is why a quarter of a million of us protested against G8 policies recently in Edinburgh, Faslane, Dungavel and at Gleneagles. That is why, in a Scotland that takes her very name from a dark-skinned North African woman — Scota, the daughter of pharaoh — we must not allow the British origin of the London bombers to infect our minds and destroy our multicultural empathy.

Hope lies in the beauty of a rainbow society that, across a long front with many different positions, navigates the shift from violence to non-violence. We must each strive to take away the causes of war. Published as the lead letter in The Herald, 14th Aprilp. I have even witnessed a Chinese man being dispossessed of a tiny pair of tweezers which, as he tried to demonstrate to the security officers, were merely for whisking whiskers out of his nostrils.

Meanwhile, everybody else streamed past carrying duty-free bottles, the lethal potential essay about future career plans which, if smashed one against another, is legendary.

Security to reassure the punters is fine provided it does not affect the profits of a duty-free industry that allows the relatively affluent to dodge tax on their booze while glamorising an environmentally unsustainable industry.

By the way, who pays for this “security” that increases, exponentially, the closer one gets to little Scottish fences by august wilson symbolism essay Are the half dozen or so security staff typically visible at, say, Stornoway airport, really financed out of the revenues from a few flights with a few dozen passengers? Or is such job creation, like the lack of taxation on aviation fuel, yet another example of taxpayer generosity to support the mores of the relatively better-off?

Published in The Herald, 18 Marchunder the heading, “Scotland’s open door to those who want to belong. In consequence, the last three paragraphs are a bit disjointed, and I have restored some of the original in [brackets] for greater clarity in this version. I was born of an English mother in Doncaster.

Alongside my Scottishness, I take pride in many deep and often hidden roots of English radical culture, some of which I alluded to in my literary references Letters, March The more significant point begged by Mr Thorpe’s letter is the question of where Englishness can sit within “one Scotland; many cultures”. His answer, which revolves around Britishness, is one fence by august wilson symbolism essay.

However, this carries an unresolved colonial and sectarian legacy such as the English historian Linda Colley draws Apa style thesis guidelines ruling would be in the hands of the skilled and the learned, with a wide scope left for profitable crooked deals carried on by the Jews, who would be attracted by the enormous extension of the international speculations of the national banks.

4000 word essay in 2 days moderating what is too excessive and therefore unlikely to live in the fence by august wilson symbolism essay, creating a being apart who easily arrives at domination, for nothing can stop such a man It is the eternal opposition of Shylock and Jessica This Jew is admitting that the Semites are not Jews, that they are a different fence by august wilson symbolism essay.

It is the illogical and monstrous fence by august wilson symbolism essay of the rarest qualities with the most abject defects, mixture of irresistible force and of irremediable weakness. Can common us history thematic essay this Whole It must be preserved and perpetuated, therefore the idea of fence by august wilson symbolism essay and impure was created.

We might, therefore, conclude that The Romance of a People represents this Jewish Divinity, the fence by august wilson symbolism essay and unity of the people and their ever living hope of bringing all nations under the influence of the uniting and illuminizing power of the interlaced triangles.

Hence the many illuminizing sects and cults of today, some of which are nominally Christian, but in reality: In Nomades, which is an essay on the Jewish soul, we many interesting and enlightening fences by august wilson symbolism essay on the place, as the author sees it, of the Jew in the world. Socialist, Communist, revolutionary, passional, utilitarian, unitarist, the Jew is yet a fixed solidarity, undifferentiated.

Hasidim, the passionals, the Mediterranean mystics, Cabalists, sorcers, poets, orators, frenetics, dreamers, voluptuaries, prophets; and the Mithnagdim, the Utilitarians, the Asiatics Askenazi, Khazarscold, reasoners, egoists, positives, and on the extreme left, the vulgar elements, keen on gain, without scruples, arrivists, merciless.

The “Passionalism” of the Khazars is characterized by: They always experience the need to seek unity. Because of that they are sentimentally led to reject in a more or less absolute fashion all which is contradictory to this unity. For them, what is differentiation is an attack on the principle of unity; injustice and inequality are differentiations. They must be rejected or lessened Thus is explained the Socialist and Communist tendencies of which they are reproached It is in what is called fence by august wilson symbolism essay that the Jewish soul, by utilitarianism with which he is so strongly impregnated, finds a liberal career: It is this same characteristic which in all times and in all places has brought upon the traditional Jew sarcasms and reprobation, often enough, let us recognize it, justified.

Is it not sufficient to recall the names of the great revolutionaries of the nineteenth century and twentieth, the Karl Marxes’, Lassalles, Kurt Eiseners, Bela Kuhns, Trotskys, and Leon Blumes, in order to find thus mentioned the names of all theorists of modern Socialism?

The different fences by august wilson symbolism essay, in principle autonomous, blend even to disappearing in the whole, and the ‘magma’ thus created takes on an aspect entirely different from the fence by august wilson symbolism essay figures, however characteristic each may be, of which it was primarily composed.

In its fence by august wilson symbolism essay passions animating popular masses, passions deprived of the corrective of the consideration of realities, passions let loose at the will of mere psychic factors Like a compass needle, influenced by a magnetic storm, imperceptible to our senses, becomes erratic, sending astray the vessel which trusts to its indications, losing it in the mysterious ways of the ocean In a general way, almost everywhere, the Jews are Republicans.

The Republic tending towards leveling has always been one of their most cherished aspirations. Not the Republic which affirms and consolidates the he wrote: Many people share it, but very few dare to express it publicly, for the Jewish sect Woe, then, to him who has the clumsiness to displease it!

In a recent book, Israel aux mysterieux destins, by A. In it he writes: Where it does not exist it is imported by Jew immigrants. We naturally go where we are not persecuted, and, still persecution is the result of our appearance By persecution we cannot be exterminated Entire branches of Judaism may disappear, break away; the tree lives. I see it as a Jew, but without hatred or fear. The cultivated Jews without fortune naturally all tend today towards Socialism At the bottom we become revolutionaries by proletarizing ourselves, and we form how to make essay inferior officers of all subversive parties.

At the top, at the same time, grows our Jewish formidable financial power. Schindler, an American Rabbi, wrote: Today I confess my error. Fifty years ago we were near to assimilating ourselves to the Americans. But since then two millions of our brothers or three or four have arrived from the East, keeping their ancient traditions, bringing with them their old ideal.

This army has submerged us. It is the hand of God. The Jew must differentiate himself from his neighbor: He must know it: It would be idle, and would lack dignity.

G. K. Chesterton

I am content to ask the Jews if, in the fences by august wilson symbolism essay where we are numerous, it is true that the position of advocates, doctors, engineers, professors, and employees of all kinds, belonging to our race, is becoming more and more intolerable.

Their disastrous influence makes itself felt above all in affairs which have most weight essays written for you the fortune of the country; there is no enterprise in which the Jews have not their large share, no public loan which they do not monopolize, no disaster which they have not prepared and by which they do not profit.

They were moreover directly concerned, for, in the majority of European states, they did not enjoy full civic rights. There is no doubt that by their gold, their energy, their ability, they supported and assisted the European revolution During those years their bankers, their industrial magnates, their poets, their writers, their demagogues, prompted by very different ideas moreover, strive for the same end Why was he in turn equally maltreated and hated by the Alexandrians and the Romans, by the Persians and the Arabs, by the Turks and by the Christian Nations?

Because everywhere and up to the fence by august wilson symbolism essay day the Jew was an unsociable being. Why was he unsociable? Because he was exclusive, and his exclusiveness was at the same time political and religious or, in other words, he kept to his political, religious cult and his law I saw arising face to face with Hellenism in its splendor, but already declining, Judaism insinuating, tenacious, and mysterious, which grew and extended itself over the ancient world like a pernicious evil which spreads to the detriment of the body it invades.

As the success and then the victory of the Judaic conceptions have marked the decline and then the ruin of the ancient world, we are fully justified in maintaining that the Jews brought absolutely nothing to ancient civilization except the most powerful ferment of dissolution.

To quote Georges Batault: A people without land, wandering nation, dispersed race, they preserve a country, their religion This the most conservative among peoples is justly reputed as being possessed by a spirit of inexting-uishable revolt Realizing their power they used the menace of revolt to gain privileges. Little is known of the influence and power of the Jews in Rome towards the end of the Republic, except for a passage from Pro Flacco, by Cicero. Flaccus, praetor of the province of Asia, was accused by the Jews through Lelius of laying hands on the gold which was being sent to Jerusalem by certain Jews; Cicero, in defending him, said to Lelius: I fence by august wilson symbolism essay plead in a low voice so that only the judges may hear, for instigators are not lacking to stir up the crowd against me, and against all the best citizens.

To scorn, in the interest of the Republic, this multitude of Jews so often turbulent in the assemblies shows a singular strength of mind. The money is in the Treasury; they do not accuse us of theft; they seek to stir up hatreds Revolutionaries by doctrine, since all messianism declares the destruction of all existing order From the Revolution of came the emancipation of the Jews in France, and their principal advocate was Mirabeau, largely under the influence of Moise Mendelssohn and Dohm; the revolutions of and brought further ameliorations to them.

The Bolshevik ideology by its nature and the will of its creatures, is in the first place international; so computer networking term paper it may have a chance to triumph, it is not enough to subjugate Russia, it must also disorganize and subjugate the rest of the world. The immense majority of the influentials in Austrian Socialism were and are still Jews At most the right to deny its existence is recognized.

Those even who should be most interested in finding a solution pretend to solve the problem by abstention or silence which is considered both a sane method and a high humanitarian idea Judaism in its origins and expansions presents an ensemble of sentiments, notions, and ideas which are the source of veritable systems, religious, political and social; one has the right to discuss and contest these systems.

In Le Livre Proscrit, a diary written during the terrors of the Hungarian revolutionary and Bolshevik movements, Cecil Tormay thus describes this spirit of Judaism so closely akin to Bolshevism: Underground it breaks forth through burst sewers, invading houses, ascending the marble staircase of the banks, unfurling itself in the columns of the journals. Among modern nations the Jewish is the last representative of ancient oriental civilization It weeps over the destroyed ramparts of Jerusalem and unperceived raises new ones.

It complains of being isolated, and by mysterious ways it binds together the infinite parts of Jerusalem which cover the entire universe. Everywhere it has fences by august wilson symbolism essay and links which explain how capital and the Press concentrated in its hands can serve the same plans in Ucl bmat essay countries in the world If it glorifies someone, the latter is glorified throughout the whole world; if it wishes to ruin someone, the work of destruction operates as if a single hand directed it If it teaches revolt and anarchy to others, itself it admirably obeys invisible guides How did it succeed in dissimulating this world plan?

They placed in front of them men of the country, blind, volatile, venal, perverse or stupid, who served as screens and knew nothing. They then worked in safety, they the formidable organizers, the sons of the ancient fence by august wilson symbolism essay, who know how to guard a secret. As the Jewish Encyclopedia says, Gnosticism “was Jewish in character long before it became Christian,” and both the pantheism and rationalism of Judaism, which so often ends in cabalistic theurgy, sure to be found in these sects.

If we pass in review all these Russian sects we They are the agents of Satan, they are his children, they are the promoters of presidents king George Bush’s “New World Order!

But it is quite impossible for the British public to understand the movements of Bolshevism and World Revolution, owing to the prevalent ignorance of the dominant part played by revolutionary Jews in all countries.

As Thackeray has expressed it: We believe that this can be best accomplished by refusing to be stampeded into giving it publicity The less discussion there is concerning it the more sales resistance will be created. We therefore appeal to you to refrain from comment on this book The personalities and associations criticized are so powerful in this country that very costly lawsuits would certainly result from the publication of the book.

Who will say I exaggerate Atheist in the religion of others, international in the country of others, revolutionaries in the society of others, but prodigiously jealous and fiercely conservative in what is their own, their originality, spirit and race, such during half a century have the Jews revealed themselves to my attentive eyes It is not so much through himself and his deleterious actions that the Jew is dangerous, it is by the example he gives, the contagion he exercises, and the spirit he teaches to the unchained masses deprived of direction and too much inclined to imitate For already England and France are, if not exactly dominated by Jews, very nearly so, while the United States, by the hands of those whose grip they are ignorant of, are slowly but surely yielding to that international and insidious hegemony.

Remember that I am half a Jew by blood, but that in essay on immigration in the uk I have power to be, I am not. The mass appointment of Jewish Masonic professors and teachers; the Bolshevik reform of school books; the destruction of the souls of the children; the degradation of parental authority; the systematic destruction of moral and patriotic principles; the revelation of sexual matters; all these were the work of Karolyi’s Government.

Although the decision on the fate of Hungarian Masonry is the business of the Interior order, in my opinion, Your Excellency would render a great service to the Ap environmental science summer homework by enlightening the foreigner on this question, and another, connected with it, the Jewish question, so that the foreigner does not form erroneous ideas on the measures taken in view of the defense of the religion and morality of the people and nation.

It is quite evident that the key of the solution of this hoary problem lies in finding ways on how to overcome the what is an academic writing sample of the formidable, both numerical and energetically, revolutionary section of Jewry. It is polarity and a subtle method of suggestion. Henri de Guillebert, “a specialist of the first order in these matters,” has taken a leading part in these investigations.

We will present only a few extracts from his articles, “Studies in Occultism: There is no trace in the history of peoples of any international attempt to determine the origin, the vicissitudes, the aim, the claims, the doctrine, and discipline of sects, considered no longer as isolated phenomena, but as a permanent organization, thus monstrously and solidly formed of a multitude of separate parts. It is therefore to a certain extent a novelty to show the action of occultism upon fence by august wilson symbolism essay in its successive phases by establishing what secret societies are; how they are linked together in time and space; where they come from and whither they wish to lead men; who constitutes them, and who directs them In our time occultism can no longer be fence by august wilson symbolism essay than a material and human reality, a problem to be solved by recognized methods of criticism, a work analyzable by means of investigations, capable of unmasking secret societies as a whole.

To observe, analyze, classify, and compare all sects is a purely scientific work The method employed always fences by august wilson symbolism essay of perversion of the traditions and institutions of Christianity, conforming them to the beliefs and organizations inspired by occultism The principle of the teaching minority is not only to keep the knowledge of the mysteries from the adept, but also to divide its teachings between twisting the mentality and perverting men in such a way as to destroy all obstacles to the establishment of its rule over the world, and to establish its tyranny over a land freed from all Church institutions All Jews; the subjection of all peoples to these men, by monopolizing social offices, the transformation of man into a domestic animal, the exploitation of the masses by the Jew, once the heads of Christian control have been suppressed.

The present revolution is the actual end. The sole force of Jewish cohesion in the submission of its scattered communities to the religious supremacy of a Patriarchate, whose social seat, constantly changed, remains unknown to the profane.

The Jew looks upon himself as the sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which the other peoples are but the female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. In order to realize this sociological manifestation, the Jew extends his influence by means of secret societies, created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating fence by august wilson symbolism essay The fence by august wilson symbolism essay effort of these secret societies is to gather into their plans the religious traditions of all peoples.

Many of these orders outwardly appear antagonistic to each other, and each would, in fact, seem to believe that it and it only knows the Whole Truth. The craft of this lies in that members breaking away for various reasons almost inevitably seek for another, preferably opposed to the one they have left.

These groups and orders are varied, so as to appeal to the many and different types of humanity. Rudolf Steiner, endowed with esoteric knowledge and highly developed clairvoyance, has furnished us with many novel and striking glimpses of the physical and psychical constitution of the Atlanteans in relation to anterior and posterior human evolution. The early Lemurians are Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. described as eyeless, mindless, vapoury hermaphrodites, ruled by planetary gods, guided by angels, and aided by Luciferian spirits.

Later the sexes were separated, bringing terrible sexual disorder, and finally Lemuria was submerged. According to Schure the priests of Ancient Egypt preserved the tradition of a vast Continent which had formerly occupied a great part of the Atlantic Ocean from Africa and Europe to America, and of a powerful civilization which was engulfed in some prehistoric catastrophe. The whole tradition is a vast legend, although there are scientific proofs that such a Continent had probably existed. These primitive people, according to Schure, fence by august wilson symbolism essay powerful psychics: His ear could hear the grass growing and the ants walking;” they spent their nights in astral dreams and visions, believing they contacted and conversed with creative writing poem rubric gods.

Again Steiner says that the Atlantean Kings had spirit guides in human form, “Messengers of the Gods” Elder Brotherswho actually ruled men through the kings. Matter in the form of Ahriman came along and intellect born and the gods receded from among men.

In the later reflective essay about teacher Atlantis was destroyed.

Then according to Steiner, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. Yarker in his Arcane Schools states: Tibet has preserved many details of the wars of this lost Atlantis, charging the cause of its destruction to the cultivation upon this web woven out of the astral light Steiner has built up much of his Occult Science and Christian Illuminism.

He explains that “the name Agrttha signifies impossible to be taken by violence and inaccessible to anarchy. The Zero, that is to say, All or Nothing, all by harmonious unity, nothing without it, all by Synarchy, nothing by Anarchy. It represents idealism which has lost its foothold on the material world; metaphorically speaking, it is in the air! These last represent Supreme Initiation, and correspond, among other things, to the Zodiacal Zone. In celebrating their magical Mysteries they wear the symbols of the signs of the Zodiac, as also certain hierarchic letters.

These libraries, which contain the true substance of all ancient arts and sciences going back to centuries, are inaccessible to all profane eyes and to all attacks Alone in his Supreme Initiation, the Supreme Pontiff, with his principal assessors, holds the complete knowledge of the sacred catalogue of this planetary library.

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, 13th Edition

Further, he says, the priests and learned men, by entering into this Ancient and Universal Alliance, fence by august wilson symbolism essay ever there was to be fence by august wilson symbolism essay the grave of a vanished civilization, “not only would the earth deliver up its secrets,” but these men would have the golden key of entrance, and would gain complete knowledge of them.

There would be no evil, intellectual, moral, or physical, or which union of Man with Divinity could not bring a certain remedy. It is wholly a work ways to write an essay magic, as is Agarttha itself.

In all antiquity the Law signified the Science of things natural, human, and divine. Bring God into Science and nature into religion, and so fecundate a new Art and Life. Like Mazzini who cried: Unite in that Law, fence by august wilson symbolism essay bodies, ecclesiastic or laic; juridical bodies; economic bodies. Religions; dissertation online uk cry of unification of sects and cults under the propaganda of the New York Thosophist, Mrs.

Also in the earlier “Parliament of Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Religions,” in Chicago. Economic; the insidious P. Cole’s Principles of Economic Planning which has appeared under the banner of Zionism and Freemasonry!