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Should Republicans in Congress start packing their bags

is no district that is safe for Republican candidates, according to the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Representative Chris Van Hollen. He tells the Washington Post that one could have imagined the tsunami that just crashed on Republicans in Mississippi. where a Democrat won a Republican held congressional seat in the northern part of the state yesterday. This is a district where President Bush won by 25 points in the 2004 election, and the former Republican congressman won reelection with 66% of the vote in 2006.

It the third special election the GOP has lost this spring, including a House race in Louisiana that had been Republican for more than three decades and the seat of former House speaker Dennis Hastert in Illinois.

Seems to have set off some warning bells. The head of the National Republican Congressional Committee is calling on all GOP candidates to stock of their campaigns and get ready for races in the fall.

canada goose factory sale Democrats say these races are a sign of what to come in November. They say they going after the Republicans strategy of tying Democrats to Barack Obama, a strategy that has failed twice now in the Deep South. canada goose factory sale

Meanwhile, a new Gallup poll shows Congress approval rating has dipped below 20% for only the fourth time in 34 years. Only 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. That ties a record for this survey.

canada goose store Add in the fact that 82% of Americans think the country is headed in the cheap canada goose decoys wrong direction, and it no wonder so many incumbents in Congress are opting not to run for reelection. canada goose store

Here’s my question to you: Was yesterday race in Mississippi a sign that congressional Republicans should start packing their bags?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Mark from Kalamazoo, Michigan writes:

Canada Goose Jackets Not necessarily, Jack. But they will need to give us a reason to vote canada goose outlet nyc for them other than just their party. If Barack is teaching us anything, it that the old divisions are becoming obsolete. Our nation’s leaders for the next generation must be able to reach beyond old categories of race, gender, or party. If Republican (or Democrat) incumbents can do that, we listen. If not, they out! Canada Goose Jackets

When the Republican Party turned its back on the conservative principles of smaller government and controlled spending, we turned our back canada goose outlet store uk on them. The RNC has offered no vision, no agenda, and nothing to get excited about. And we supposed to get behind John McCain, Mr. Democrat Light?

uk canada goose Not if the Democrats hand https://www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk the GOP something to rally against like a polarizing candidate of Hillary Clinton. So, don count the Republicans out yet. We all know the Democrats have a way of self destroying. The current primary is a good example. uk canada goose

Douglas from Rochester, Minnesota writes:

Canada Goose Parka Yes, they should start canada goose uk price packing. Republicans should also be required to undergo an exit interview, accounting for their time, efforts, and voting record on various legislation that could have prevented our country from being canada goose black friday 2019 in the mess it is in now. Canada Goose Parka

Jerry from Simpson, West Virginia writes:

They might as cheap canada goose well pack, otherwise they will just be spectators as a filibuster proof Democratic Congress legislates whatever policies they choose. What gridlock?

canada goose The Mississippi campaign was less a sign for Republicans and more a sign for incumbents. Republicans are branded BUSHED. But let’s not forget Pelosi and her posse promised us some serious changes and frankly, it got worse not better. canada goose

Erin from North Carolina writes:

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cheap canada goose uk I think all republicans should pack up and leave. Right now we already have a democratic controlled congress who does not address the real problems in America. Lets turn the whole congress over to them so they can blame the republicans for their stupid mistakes and short comings. Let America see the democrats steal their money and squander it away on things like wars which they were a 50/50 partner in more pork barrel spending projects like bridges to no where and condoms for inmates in new York penitentiaries. ( Another Hillary Clinton democrat smart idea.) The democrats could have cut the funding off for the war 2 years ago and they didn That is just what America needs more democrats. Yeah right. cheap canada goose uk

It no secret that the GOP will be having a migraine this November, Jack. I think more, that it a sign that the usual Rovian tactics and character smears will no longer work as a substitute for valid discussion on policy. The GOP tried tying Obama and Rev. Wright to the Democratic candidates, yet look what happened. I not surprised they growing so desperate since even they can sense that the tides are shifting in the American public. If canada goose expedition parka uk even Swift Boating won work, what else do they have? Running on their record? Debating issues?

I would suggest to all in Congress to pack their bags. The American people are going to go to the next level after this election we going to throw them all out. It has always been in their hands and I think and pray that we have learned a big lesson from all this. Throw them out and start over with Young people and turn it over to a new guard. I hope that more Young people get the hint that the experiment is over. I as a woman over 50 am ready for the old stiff old men to get out. The ones who say do as i say not as i do. I am ready to get some fresh untried blood in the white house and all around it. I am ready to end it all in this country. Never out send a woman to do the job that a man was meant to do. A man job is to protect a woman job is to take care of the children which they have done a horrible job of the last 40 years. I am tired of the split in our country. We either are one or we just need to end it. I left it once I said love it or leave it and I am back loving her again and if you do not do the same in loving this country than just pack your bags and get out. Those in the Congress have sold us out to the highest bidder and we are lost. Take it back and this time when i say DON TREAD ON ME I MEAN IT

Canada Goose sale Absolutely Jack. The Republicans are a fading brand. Their attacks in Mississippi failed as they did everywhere else. Linking Childers to Rev. Wright and Obama failed, which was the best the Republicans had. It only shows the weakness of the Republican party, and the strength of the Democrats this year. The people are ready for change, that means out with the old and in with the new. The Republicans failed in their attacks, which is only a glimpse of the larger Republican failure in the Presidential election. Canada Goose sale

In the last 2 years, every seat that has been up for grabs is going Democratic. Second, they have made anti Obama commercials in these contested races for seats in congress, and guess you wins, Obama. They seats have been republican for the past decades. Third, look at voter turnout in the primaries. Fourth, look at money raised. Fifth, look at polls about the direction of the country. Sixth, the debate between McCain and Obama has only started. Seventh, McCain and the republicans don know what is going to hit them, its going to be a land slide, Texas will even go for Obama.

Yes. And some Democrats also. The country is in a lot of trouble and it appears Congress as well as the Bush Administration is not actively addressing the real issues.

It is canada goose outlet time for voters to raise their voices. Who they have representing them in Congress will go a long way to advocating their desire for change.

CNN needs to begin exposing those congressional races coming up in November that could impact this country future. This could be a banner year for the citizens of this country to put people in congress to get us out of the messes we are currently in.

Hopefully some of the Republicans will have to pack their bags and leave Washington and hopefully some of the Democrates will be following. The current Washington gridlock is caused by individuals who think their own importance or that of their party is superior to that of the nation as a whole. Hopefully these congressmen and senators of either party will be packing their bags.

We need people in all the elected offices that realize that the American people are their employeers not the party they belong to or the special interests that contribute to their campaigns. Healthy debates and compremises are needed to keep our country strong and headed in the right direction.