It’s because a well rested mind is an efficient brain

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moncler outlet usa I was just moncler jacket sale pointing out that he was aware moncler jackets outlet it was lazy, and he intended the laziness to serve a point literally no one but him understoodAlso Congo, in where greedy corporations all over the world send out forces into the Congo jungle to mine for a special type of diamond to be used as a semiconductor, and are met with an undiscovered species of Gorilla hybrid near the Lost City of Zinj that murder them all for encroaching on nature, and then a volcano erupts and destroys all the diamonds and coats the ancient city in hundreds of feet of lava.He absolutely lets his cat out of the bag at the end though, where its revealed they had managed to save a single bag filled with diamonds, where they then proceeded to sell them to Intel for millions.(Incidentally he raises a very interesting point there that I haven seen addressed anywhere else: if it is ever proven that the fossil fuel industry knowingly acted in a way to prevent climate change remediation that resulted in the loss of property and wealth then would they be subject to the same torts and penalties set by the precedent of the Tobacco industry judgement?)its actually a very interesting area of law. Theres evidence that big oil corp knew of global warming in the 80s and tried to keep Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. it buried. However the one huge problem with suing for climate change is that in order to prove a tort you have to prove damages and causation. moncler outlet usa

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moncler jackets men If you go in, keep that in mind so you can maintain some levelheadedness.Also apologies for some of the assholes in this Oklahoma sub. I try to not downvote things for political leanings. However, if conversations devolve into personal attacks then the post can cheap moncler outlet be reported, so maintain levelheadedness and report the assholes who break rules :)Here’s the good things about Duncan and the small towns nearby If you like small town America it’s as good as anywhere moncler jackets men.