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ROVNER: Yes, we do. Medicare could be cut by billions of dollars. That can be waived by Congress but it takes 60 votes. It is now the day after and unless your Thanksgiving dishes were completely consumed by family and friends maybe even licked clean you’ve likely got some leftovers in the fridge and possibly a little holiday hangover when it comes to eating the exact same meal again. Katie Workman got us through a pre T is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online, is it safe to buy antabuse online. day crunch earlier this week. We’re going to ask her for some ideas on what do to with the leftovers.

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