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moncler outlets usa They (broker or clearinghouse) would probably cover the loss, and I’m sure understand a certain amount of the deals will fall through so they accommodate such losses by raising fees just a bit for everyone in general.Amazingly moncler outlet googling “what happens to my spouse if I have a margin call and I die” doesn’t yield anything useful. Apparently multiple states have “community property” laws which stipulate that any debts incurred by a spouse during the course of a marriage moncler outlet uk become transferred on death to the surviving spouse; it doesn’t spell it out but I assume this includes margin calls. This is also true for mortgages when both spouses are on the hook (generally) but a margin call is considerably different than a home mortgage.There are hard limits on how much money you can give to someone, so if you try to give your kids money then their banks will report it, they’ll have to pay gift taxes but they might actually get to keep it in this scenario.I think a lawyer would be the right person to ask but you’d probably have to ask it creatively.But if you’re about to die and have a couple milly USD, why on Earth would you go about selling naked calls/puts? Just go and do some stupid Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. ER plays with half the money and leave the rest behind.Nah, many things pass directly to beneficiaries regardless of the estate asset/debt position because they aren actually part of the estate.Life insurance, TOD accounts, JWTROS brokerage accounts, bank accounts with beneficiaries, etc.You could have an estate with $1mil in a checking account and $10mil in debt, and that checking account is passing to moncler outlet jackets the beneficiary and the creditors don get shit.There’s no “magic” way to pass on estate without paying the debts owed to it.So for example if my parents were loaded, each could give me 11 mil untaxed as a gift and each could give my wife 11 mil.So together they could pass 44 million to my family tax free.I could be wrong but I was looking up how gifts are taxed a few months ago because i thought it was just a straight 14k/year but found there is around an 11mil lifetime exemption moncler outlets usa.