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canada goose clearance sale Gretch went into propaganda mode with canada goose outlet store uk “we all know that your religious stance is canada goose outlet black friday sale important if you’re going to campaign to become president.” (Wrong, Gretch, some of us don’t care and many of us do care if the candidate is taking marching orders from the Pope or Pat Robertson!). Gretch was speaking for the Fox audience when she said “a lot of people follow that and want to know if you go to church.” She smiled as she said that the interview showed that Trump “does go to church, maybe not every Sunday, when he can.” (She wasn’t so sanguine about Obama’s church going habits.) She asked Morris what the American people think of that. Morris said that people are more concerned about truthfulness and that whether or not a person goes to church is based on “I want to know who you are.” According to Morris, Trump’s comment that he goes to church canada goose outlet winnipeg address when “he can” shows that he has “other priorities” and this is “letting America More Help know who he is as President Obama has done himself. canada goose clearance sale

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