Previously, you could get Kaby Lake to work with a Z170

Judging by their past offerings, we think it’s more of an optional drop in to support Intel’s bigger scheme of things as they are staunch supporters of Thunderbolt technology.16 PCIe 3.0 lanes from the CPU and 24 lanes from the chipset which may be a sore point for some. Previously, you could get Kaby Lake to work with a Z170 motherboard with a simple BIOS ed meds, generic viagra that takes mastercard. update, so the lack of compatibility this time may rankle even more, especially since Coffee Lake uses the same LGA 1151 socket.Still, this may not entirely be Intel’s fault, as the chipmaker has indicated that motherboard vendors expressed a desire for a clean break with the 200 series chipset. After all, ensuring compatibility with Kaby Lake does mean extra work for board makers, who’ve already had to contend with nearly back to back launches from AMD and Intel.

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