Requests to appear before the Commission for a Public Hearing

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cheap goyard bags Function: The purpose of the Traffic and Parking Commission is to make the roads, streets and other public ways safe for pedestrians, motorists and others. The Commission adopts and publishes traffic regulations, including the erection of proper signs in connection with the location and time when parking shall be limited, places where parking shall be prohibited, the establishment of stop sign controls for through streets or isolated intersections, the direction in which traffic may use any street or portion of a street, restrictions on the size of vehicles using certain streets replica goyard , and the establishment of speed zones upon metropolitan streets and roads.Requests to appear before the Commission for a Public Hearing or for action on a specific agenda item are to be received no later than three (3) weeks prior to the meeting for that item to appear on the next agenda. This [regular] three (3) week period will allow the Commission and the staff sufficient time to prepare for the meeting.. cheap goyard bags

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