Some have low enough iron levels to be anaemic

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moncler outlet canada It doesn’t replenish our energy levels as well as long stretches of continuous sleep.Junk sleep can be caused by stress, but also by over stimulating the brain too close to bedtime. For example, by checking emails or using tablets and smartphones that emit a blue light found to disrupt sleep by tricking the brain into producing ‘wake up’ hormones right when you need to wind down.Reboot your energy: To avoid junk sleep, you need to develop good sleep hygiene which means going to bed at a set time, banning screens for an hour beforehand and developing a wind down routine that prepares your body for sleep, such as a warm bath, followed by a milky drink and half an hour reading something easy going.3. Your coffee addiction is sapping your energyAlthough we think of caffeine as a pick me up, it actually makes us feel more tired once the initial surge wears off.Dr Chidi Ngwaba, director of The moncler outlet store Medicine Clinic, explains: “This is because our brain chemistry doesn’t likebeing interfered with by stimulants, so it releases chemicals to dampen down the alert response.” is also a serious sleep disrupter, with one study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine revealing that drinking it even six hours prior to bedtime meant poorer quality kip.Reboot your energy: Avoiding caffeine will increase energy levels in the long run but cut down gradually, cup by cup, to avoid headaches and irritability.Read MoreFigures show that around a third of women are low in iron often due to heavy periods.Some have low enough iron levels to be anaemic. moncler outlet canada

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