The entire Sentinel plot from the episode “The Final Decision”

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Designer Fake Bags Similarly, Bishop’s betrayal of the Sentinels and travel back in time is adapted from Kate Pryde’s similar stunt in X Men’ 141 and Nimrod’s appearance and battle with the X Men is likely adapted from “Raiders of the Lost Temple!” in Uncanny X Men 191 (March, 1985) and 194 (June, 1985). Also Bishops’ assertion that Gambit betrayed the X Men is adapted from “Bishop to King’s Five!” in Uncanny X Men 287 (April , 1992) wherein Bishop’s future the X Men were apparently killed by one of their own, and as Gambit was the only survivor Bishop long suspected him of betraying the X Men.The second part of “Days of Future Past” is adapted from “Mind Out of Time” in Uncanny X Men 142 (February, 1981), wherein the X Men prevent the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from assassinating Senator Robert Edward Kelly. The story was altered to fit the continuity of the animated series, wherein Bishop takes the place of Kate Pryde, however it deviates from the original story when Magneto abducts Kelly.The entire Sentinel plot from the episode “The Final Decision”, including Master Mold forcing Trask to do his bidding is adapted from “Among Us Stalk. Designer Fake Bags

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