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I copy Dr status Dwi Ayu mba
For mothers who like to vent anger on children, check first whether her husband has become a place to vent good thing ato _________________________________________
KROMOSOM (Dishare to husbands).

Woman (XX chromosome creature) whose soul needs to spend 20 thousand words per
Mother who Cheap Valentino Bags rarely chatted casually by her husband, then body language and her tone not
Breast feeding children will be restless, impatient with children’s behavior, even tend to make children a target emotion abundance that is not
So, sometimes sediment problems with the father’s father is manifested in the form of anger that is not clear to Sometimes, there are moms who keep patience to her children even though Dad does not give space for
So duty obligatory dad is giving space, time and atmosphere every day for Mother to speak as effort to always meny care for his soul, hear lament
Embrace mother to angry and cry to Dad just to be healthy his soul, so Mother can always give love interest for child

Mother healthy soul can do his duty
as best school for son- daughter
She can stand for hours to hear the child’s complaints –
Dad is great, starts from a great husband, who understands the soul and needs
In short, happy partner, because he is the main madrasah for children
Ustadz dr. Raehanul Bahraen. Cheap Valentino Handbags

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