The three common types of dementia 1

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uk canada goose outlet And as Hollywood movies such as Still Alice, On Golden Pond and The Notebook show, dementia can have a devastating effect, not just on the individual, but on canada goose outlet winnipeg address a sufferer’s family too.So if you’re worried about yourself or someone close to you, here’s what you need to knowWhat is dementia? “Dementia is an umbrella term to explain different conditions with similar symptoms, such as memory loss, confusion and a change in behaviour and communication,” explains Ian Le Guillou from the Alzheimer’s Society.”These symptoms develop progressively over a number of years.”Dementia occurs as a result of damage to canada goose outlet buffalo the brain, or the death of brain cells canada goose outlet online store that deal with brain functioning.The three common types of dementia 1. “Some people will have a combination of more than one type,” says Ian, but two thirds of sufferers will have Alzheimer’s. ‘This is where brain cells are destroyed by a sandton playmates, cialis 2.5 mg daily. build up of abnormal proteins,’ explains Ian.2. uk canada goose outlet

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