While is might not have the personal drama of // U G H! // or

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canada goose coats on sale OK, so Dion Dublin not famous as a musician, but surely a footballer inventing a new instrument is even more impressive? Back in 2010, the former Coventry City and Aston Villa target man appeared on TV playing his new invention, a percussion instrument called the Dube, surprising fans of his former clubs who never seen him move so fluently. It might look like a plain old wooden crate, but canada goose outlet winnipeg address the Dube four playable sides apparently provide a variety canada goose outlet in new york of tones that make it more versatile than a cajon (a similar box like drum from Peru) or a conga. Dublin turned up gamely tapping his Dube with everyone from Ocean Colour Scene (see below) to the People Orchestra in the hope that it would catch on. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets A List Of Philippine Folk Songs In this list of ten favourite hubs I definitely wanted to include a few which illustrate the music of other cultures. Granted, many more are to be found under canada goose outlet 80 off the ‘World Music’ category on HubPages, but I choose this hub because canada goose outlet locations in toronto the songs are very clearly rooted in folk music. In this case, it canada goose outlet in vancouver is the sweet music of canada goose factory outlet the Philippines, and the appeal of this hub is threefold. Canada Goose Jackets

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